Thirsty the Raven

"One day I was flying around and saw this interferometer with a small pipe with some ice on it. I was very thirsty and hot after a long afternoon of flapping my wings so I started to peck at some of the ice. Then I realized that this was spooking some of the researchers at the site, so I kept doing it, because I love scaring people. (Us ravens are known for being ominous). Unfortunately, they eventually figured out that the rap-tap sounds they were hearing in their instrument was just me messing with them. My spooking plans were sabotaged, and I would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those meddling scientists and their extensive environmental monitors!"

Thirsty the Raven lives in Hanford, WA. Thirsty and the other Hanford ravens spend their free time scaring people, watching "Planet Earth" on Netflix, and finding the best spots for ice on a hot summer day.