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Aaron Jones

"I love art, it is such an important part of our humanity! I love spending time in The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, an art gallery with work dating back several centuries. It's a great place to go when I'm all out of ideas and need to solve a problem. I've actually had the privilege to explore the art-science boundary myself during my PhD. Some highlights include conversations with the artist Cosmos Rose for her album 'After Apollo' and developing the 'Gravity Synth' with artist Leon Trimble. The Gravity Synth uses the signal from a model Michelson interferometer and a synthesizer to produce music. It's such a fun project to be involved with and it's really accessible because so many people are interested in music! I've also really enjoyed developing the Chirp app. This is a database that listens to global gravitational-wave alerts sent out by the LIGO and Virgo detectors. I'm just stunned that I can be notified about the merger of tw…

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