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Ashini Modi

"I have been interested in astronomy since forever! I remember being 9 years old, attending talks at our local astronomy club meetings, and barely understanding half of what the speakers were saying. I had so many questions! Attending the astronomical club meetings, I felt shy and out of place. Most everyone there was a male either in their 40s or older, and there I was, a 9 year old girl who was too short to even see the slideshow. My parents being both medical professionals, couldn't answer all of my questions, and each answer just prompted more questions. That’s when my mom started to contact people in hopes of finding someone who could mentor me in astronomy. Most didn’t respond because not very many astrophysicists have the time to be a mentor for a 4th grader! But, one person did, and that’s when I got my first mentor and my first hands-on introduction to astronomy. I became particularly interested in gravitational wave astronomy in 5th grade when I read an article abou…

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