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Jocelyn Read

"I started in science because I wanted to write science fiction and fantasy, and I particularly loved all the worldbuilding that was full of fascinating science ideas. I soon realized that I actually enjoyed working out the implications of new science more than the other parts of writing stories. In undergrad, I chose a combined major in physics and math because I liked the challenge of the combination, and I felt like it gave me the biggest range of potential directions. However, I still wasn't quite sure where I wanted to go with it, I then took an undergrad general relativity class and fell in love with the mix of physics and geometry. From there, my prof recommended me to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. At UWM, John Friedman introduced me to the fascinating world of neutron stars. I think it's delightful how they pack almost any kind of physics concept you can imagine into one astrophysical system. Of course, working at UWM, I also learned a …

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