Weyl E. Coyote

"I'm named after the famous physicist Hermann Weyl, so it's not surprising I ended up living near one of the LIGO sites where general relativity is being tested all the time. I love general relativity and have published a few highly cited yelps and howls on it. However, I've always wanted to get my paws dirty with some real detector work, but I'm too afraid of humans to get involved. I do what I can, though. Gravitational wave detectors are most sensitive at night when all the humans are gone, so that's when I howl as loud as I can to let everyone know that a black hole or neutron star merger could be detected any minute. Sometimes the Hanford researchers set up telescopes in the parking lot at night and get spooked by my howling, but it's just me telling them that they're doing a great job."

Weyl E. Coyote is a coyote living near the LIGO Hanford Observatory. Outside of communicating science to other coyotes, Weyl loves prancing through the tumbleweeds, chasing rabbits, and howling at the moon. (Photo credit: Kimberly Burtnyk)